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Meet the Author

As an Author, Soldier, Veteran, Light Worker and American Patriot, I am dedicated to awakening all of humanity to the truth.


C.D.B. Patriot, Author

I am a soldier and an American patriot. I love our country and all of humanity. I wrote (The Great Awakening President Donald Trump, the Greatest President of All Times), to awaken all of humanity to the truth. Each person has been lied to since birth. Everything that we were taught since we were born is a lie about our governments, schools, churches, and the world.

The Great Awakening is upon us. We are in the age of Aquarius. On December 21, 2020, we had a great conjunction of light. Jupiter and Saturn aligned about zero degrees apart, and the 5D light showered the planet to raise humanity’s consciousness.

We cannot allow race, color, social status, hate, ego, greed, and ignorance to divide us any longer. My primary objective in life is to help awaken all of humanity to the truth. I am sending peace, love, light, and healing.

With all the sickness, deaths, financial issues, and mental stress, the COVID-19 pandemic has traumatized humanity. We are going to survive these times together! Positive change is upon us. In the new age of Aquarius, there will be no more war, poverty, starvation, and suffering. Once the med beds are implemented, there will be no more sickness. We will live in love, peace, and happiness.

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