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President Trump will make America Great Again!

If you have any questions and inquiries about the book Great Awakening: President Donald Trump, the Greatest President of All Times!,  please fill out the form on the contact page. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Mission Statement

My name is C.D.B. Patriot, and I am the Author of The Great Awakening: President Donald Trump, the Greatest President of All Times! The Great Awakening is upon us! Humanity is waking up by the millions across the planet. Freedom to all people.

We are proud to be Americans, and we are proud to be one Humanity Collective. We must Love one another, work together as one family of Mother Gaia, and focus on being good people.

My primary mission as the writer of this book is to Awaken Humanity to the Truth, which is the Light. I am here to promote and spread more Love!

This Flag is dedicated to all the Patriots, Soldiers, American People, Humanity, and the Galactic Federation of Light. Humans are being Freed from the Enslavement of the dark, evil forces.

Freedom has never been free for Humanity. Humanity have been enslaved by the evil Cabal bankers and the Illuminati for centuries. However, we are the True Patriots, and we will die to defend our Great Country, Freedom, and Humanity!

We are proud to be Americans, where at least we know we are Free. Countless Great Men and Women have died, giving up their lives for America and for Humanity! We’re passionate about our Country, and we will stand together and fight because we genuinely Love this Land. God Bless the USA!

Book Description

Readers will learn in this book how President Trump will make America great again. This is one of the Most Informative Book that you will ever reader in your Life. In this Book the Readers will learn about the United States, the World & All Of Humanity Being Enslaved for centuries, by the Illuminati and the Cabal Bankers. In this book you will also learn that Humanity is being freed by President Trump and by the Galactic Federation of Light. 

Peace Love and Light to all of Humanity! 

Why People Should Read the Book.

  • Almost everything that humanity was taught about the World, Our Government, Schools, Churches & Religion is a LIE!
  • Humanity can no longer allow, Hate, Race, Color, Social Status, Ego, Greed, Ignorance, Our Governments, the fake news media, Social Media & Corrupt Politicians to divide us! As long as humanity is ignorant, brainwashed & divided the deep State & Cabal Will Continue To Control Humanity & Keep You Enslaved, Unless You Awaken Out Of The 3D Matrix & Free You Mind & Become Free.
  • Give thanks to the creator of The Heavens & Earth, & President Trump, The Soldiers & Marines, Qanon, The White Hats, & The Galactic Federation Of Light For Freeing Humanity & Freeing The Kidnapped Children From In The (Dumbs) The UnderGround Tunnels, And Freeing All Of Humanity From The Enslavement Of The, Deep State, The Cabal Bankers & Illuminati. The War Is Still Being Fought Between Good & Pure Evil, This Is Fight For The Souls & Survival Of All Of Humanity. The Light Forces Are Winning The War Against Evil, But It Is A Battle.
  • Pay A Tribute to President John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, John F Kennedy Jr, Elvis Presley (The King) & Michael Jackson (The King Of Pop).
  • All of Humanity Have Been Enslaved In The 3D Evil Fictitious Matrix, Which Is A Prison For The Mind Of Humanity, & Humanity Has Been Enslaved For Centuries. Humanity Must Take The Red Pill Of Truth & Get Out Of The 3D Matrix & Become Free From Slavery!
  • The World Has Been Ruled By The Evil Archons, Draconian, & Reptilians For Centuries, but humanity is been freed from there enslavement.
  • President John F Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr Were Strongly Claimed To Be Assassinated by the CIA.
  • The 911 Terrorist Attacks Were Strongly Claimed To Be Ordered By The Deep State, Cabal Bankers & The United States Leadership.
  • The Covid 19 Virus & Covid 19 Vaccine Is Strongly Claimed To Be Orchestrated and Apart Of The Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan and The Plan To Link All Of Humanity With Artificial Intelligence, By Using Nanotechnology.
  • President Trump Was Claimed To Win The 2020 Election By Millions Of Americans Votes and The Judicial System, Some Republicans and Democrats Failed The American People and Allowed Voter Fraud. They allowed the United States Election To Be Stolen By The Cabal.
  • The Great Awakening Is Upon Us & The New Age Of Aquarius And The New 5D World Of Love, Peace, Joy & Happiness! The New Quantum Financial System, Nesara & Gesara, & The Med Beds Will Be Implemented For All Of Humanity In The Near future! The Galactic Federation Of Light Is Here Fighting With The Soldiers To Destroy The Deep State, The Cabal Bankers, The Illuminati And The 3D Evil Matrix Of Darkness, War, Pain & Suffering & Poverty. The Galactic Federation Of Light, Our Galactic Family Is Here Assisting Humanity With Destroying The Old System & It Is Crumbling Right Before Our Eyes. Now The Planet, The New Gaia, Mother Earth Is Being Showered With Light Rays To Raise Humanities Consciousness & Positive Vibrations To The 5D For Our New World.
  • All Of Humanity Needs To Focus On Being Loving, Kind, Being A Good Person, Caring About All Of Humanity, Not Seeing Race Or Color, Loving All People, & Caring About Freedom For All People, Animals, Trees, Plants & Loving Mother Gaia Earth! We Are All One Humanity Collective & We Are All Connected!
  • The Author C.D.B. Patriot, Wrote This Book To Awaken All Of Humanity To The Truth & To Free Humanities Mind From The 3D Evil Matrix Of Lies! The Author Is Sending Peace, LOVE, Healing, & Light To All Of Humanity! I LOVE All Of Humanity!
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